Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solar Energy Today

Over the past few years, Solar Energy has come through some intresting times. We have seen the price of Solar panels drop as the supply worldwide goes up. Thankfully there are a large number of new manufacturers in the world market, and solar panels are made to last.

The most asked question is "how much solar do I need?" The first simple answer is, as much as you can fit on your roof, and second, as much as you can afford. Today in Texas for example we are seeing incentives being offered by local utilites as well as the 30% tax credit. So what that can mean is the purchase of solar power for your home or business can be realativly inexpensive.

A 5KW solar array, with all the connectors, inverter and such will cost around $35,000.00 , and if you are approved for utility incentives along with the 30% tax credit, you would only be out of pocket $16,000.00. Now what is that going to do for you? A 5 KW system in Texas should be able to take care of up to half or more of your electric bill. That said, let me caution you into thinking you will be getting all of that. The reason it is so difficult to guess how much anyone is going to save has to do with personal habits. Some people are very frugal with their energy, what I mean is they turn lights off when leaving a room, they use high load appliances in offpeak times, and they watch their energy bill very closely. Others, are wasteful, they have two TVs in the house on at the same time, set their air conditioning to 65 degrees in the summer, and do not pay attention to what they are spending on energy.

I'm sure that you probably fall in the middle somewhere, but the thought here is that watching how you use energy is just as important as how much you pay. What we have found is that after folks have installed solar, they tend to become their own "energy police". Once people realize how their energy bill works, load peak and off peak times work, and how they are living their lives, they tend to change.

We are always looking for the right fit for people, we want to make sure we are all getting the biggest bang for our buck, but it really comes down to personal decisions as to how well renewable energy will work for you.

give me a call or shoot me an email if you are intrested in looking at your options.

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  1. now are those solar panels on that roof or photovotaic??

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