Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating
Its time has come

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Solar Water Heating

If you live in Texas today, We don't think you should be paying to heat water with electricity. If you have Natural Gas, then you should stay with Natural Gas. At today's costs Natural Gas is the better financial option, however, if you have an ALL Electric home or business, Solar is now your answer.
Solar water heating has been around for years, and lately, getting a great deal of attention. Some local Utilities are offering rebates for Solar thermal (Solar water heating). Some of these new "incentives" are quite generous and can help pay for as much as half of a system. The Federal Government is helping out too, with a 30% tax credit.
We still believe you should make your home as energy efficient as possible too, but if you are an all electric customer, taking the water heater out of the energy cost mix is easily done, and helps to "move the needle" a lot further to the efficient side of your energy costs equation.
Installing Solar water heating on a home, can do the same thing for two very different types of customers, let me explain.
Customer A lives in a house with their spouse, no children, but has a large water heater and is heating water that they never use, costing them money each month. By installing solar, the energy waste is minimized and the same amount of water can be heated without the energy costs, because solar does the heavy lifting.
Customer B lives in a house with a spouse and two or more children and empties their tank every single day. Installing solar, and possibly some simple storage will help this customer heat the correct amount of water each day that the family requires, without using the 4500 watt element . Again, Solar does the heavy lifting here too.
You probably fall somewhere between the two extremes, but I wanted to give you examples of what solar does, and how it saves money. Again, as I have said before, with Solar Thermal and other renewable energy systems, there is a light at the end of the tunnel....cost reduction, we often see customers that experience a 3-4 year payback period, at today's rates. Without solar in your current set up, you will be paying for the energy for the rest of your life.

In Texas, we like a drain back system. Two solar collectors on the roof, with a heat exchange tank or solar water heater, pumps and a gravity feed drain back, so that the water empties out of the panels when the heat from the roof is not needed, and it won't freeze in winter. for a video of how it all works, click on this link:

The typical installation will take one to two days, and must be done by a certified installer to qualify for local utility and federal incentive monies, but finding a great company to do the work should not be that hard......just call us! (214) 325-5877 Operators are standing by. Or, check us out at we are here to help.